Easiest Way Save Voicemails To CD

Denotra Margate, FL


Hi! My name is Denotra and I had been storing so many of my beloved voicemails on my Verizon VM account. As you know, you can only have so many voicemails that can be saved and I was constantly hearing that my voicemail was full and couldn't accept messages. Being a business owner, that was unacceptable, so I decided to use VoicemailsForever to retrieve and store them for me. This was a godsend for me for I freed up my much needed storage space and I could keep the voicemails that I love so much...forever!

I used another service a year ago and I spent too much money. VoicemailsForever got the job done expeditiously and I saved a lot of money! This is really a great service, so if you have voicemails that you adore and you want to save voicemails to a CD or you might have a voicemail that just needs to be saved 'just because', you can count on VoicemailsForever!!! I am completely satisfied and the recording's sound quality is superb, as well! I even helped my business partner do the same! Don't lose your precious memories...keep your loved ones voices close to your ear and heart as I do!!!