Over the past several years we’ve been inspired by heartfelt stories about how Voicemails Forever has helped preserve the precious memories of people all over the United States and Canada. Our Voicemails Forever Stories series pays tribute to some of the amazing memories that we’ve been able to help people save. The series features extraordinary real stories with real people who have saved their precious voicemail memories from the delete button using Voicemails Forever.

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Dads Voicemails Too Precious To Delete


Woods, MT

With my Dad being 89, I have saved his voice mails afraid to delete them...which had left my voice mail box continually being full for other voice messages to be left. I heard from friends and family that my mail box was full and they couldn't leave a message! Once I signed up with Voicemails Forever I was assured that my dad's voice mails were safe and I was able to ad more as well as my grand children's messages. This is a wonderful service for those that want to keep cherished messages and hear their loved ones voice again.

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