Moms Bright Happy Voice Forever

Nancy Las Vegas, NV


My mom was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer a year ago. She is my best friend, my cheerleader and my heart. Since I live in another state we talk every day on the phone.

The first few weeks were so scary as she went through brain surgery, then chemo and radiation, and she suffered with not being able to speak the way she used to and not being able to find the right words. I didn't know if I would hear her bright, happy voice calling me again.

When she got better I couldn't bring myself to delete any voicemails that she left me and my whole voicemail box was full of messages from her, which I worried would be lost or deleted. Now that I'm using Voicemails Forever, I know that whatever happens I will be able to hear her voice and I'm a lot more confident that I will be able to hold onto this part of her. Thank you!