How to Save Voicemails | Record Voicemail Messages Safely

Q: Your product sounds amazing. How does it work?

A: Voicemails Forever provides the easiest way to save voicemails permanently. Whether its a flip phone, home phone, smart phone or iPhone, we’ve got you covered! Upon signup, we’ll send you an E-mail with simple instructions to record your voicemails in just minutes. Voicemails are saved forever on the cloud for playback and download. We provide awesome phone support if you need a hand:). Sign Up Now and get started today.

Q: Where are the voicemails saved after they are recorded?

A: After listening to the voicemails you want recorded, you can log in to your Voicemails Forever account manager to playback, download or share your recorded voicemails.

Q: Do you work with all Voicemail systems?

A: Voicemails Forever works on all phones and voicemail systems. This includes all cell phones,iPhones, smart phones, work and home voicemail boxes.

Q: Can I use Voicemails Forever on more than one phone?

A: Yes! You can use one Voicemail Express account on as many as 5 phones and answering systems with Voicemails Forever Unlimited.

Q: Can I burn the Voicemails onto a CD?

A: Yes! Voicemails will be saved in MP3 format. Once downloaded to your device, you can easily burn your voicemails onto a CD or DVD and also Email them to friends and family. With Voicemail Valet, we will save your Voicemails onto a CD and deliver them right to your doorstep!

Q: What is an Mp3?

A: An Mp3 file is how we store your voicemails so that you can save them on to your computer and easily share them with others through E-mail or social media. Don’t worry, Mp3 files play on every device or tablet and nothing extra is needed to install.

Q: How many Voicemails can I record?

A: With Voicemail Express you have 1 hour of voicemail recording time and you can always add more minutes with the click of a button. With Voicemail Valet, we can record as many voicemails as you would like.

Q: I’m in a rush. How soon can I download Voicemail to my computer?

A: Immediately!

Q: Will the quality of the Mp3 file be the same as the original message?

A: Yes. Your voicemails are recorded and saved in 100% crystal clear, digital quality.

Q: Can I record an outgoing message and voicemail greeting?

A: Yes! You may use Voicemails Forever to record an outgoing voice message in addition to an actual voicemail.

Q: Does the Date and Time get recorded?

A: Yes, you can record all of the Voicemail information in addition to the message itself.

Q: Does the 60 minutes have to be used at one time?

A: Your 60 minutes will last for an entire year! Record voicemails now and save any leftover minutes for future voicemails. After the year, your account is renewed for 60 fresh minutes and unlimited storage of all your precious voicemails!

Q: Do I physically have to have the phone or Voicemails in front of me?

A: No! You can record messages from any phone or answering machine as long as you can remotely access the voicemails.

Q: Do I have to download or install anything for this to work?

A: No, all you need is a phone, any phone!

Q: Will my voicemails be deleted after using Voicemails Forever?

A: No way! A copy of your voicemails will remain on your carrier’s voicemail until your carrier deletes them.

Q: How long will my voicemails be kept on the Cloud Voicemail Manager?

A: Your voicemails are safe with us! As long as your Voicemails Forever account is active and in good standing, consider us you permanent home for all of life’s cherished voicemails.

Q: I’m technologically allergic. Can I still do this?

A: Absolutely. If you can make a phone call, you’ll be able to use Voicemails Forever. If you need some help along the way, we’re available by phone at (877) 673-8292. We’re super friendly so don’t be a stranger!

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