Over the past several years we’ve been inspired by heartfelt stories about how Voicemails Forever has helped preserve the precious memories of people all over the United States and Canada. Our Voicemails Forever Stories series pays tribute to some of the amazing memories that we’ve been able to help people save. The series features extraordinary real stories with real people who have saved their precious voicemail memories from the delete button using Voicemails Forever.

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From A Full Phone To A Happy Hard Drive


Ann Arbor, Mi

I had been re-saving voicemails on my cell phone for several years....special ones from my daughter, and then when my father was sick with cancer for two years, I also saved many of his messages (along with a few earlier ones from him prior to his illness). Some of the messages were funny, some were birthday wishes, some from my father make me cry, but I love to hear his voice, and one was of my daughter singing a song to me when she was away for a few days. All were special. My father died of his disease two years ago, and I'm so thankful that I have these messages from him so I can hear his voice. But my inbox became full, and I could no longer receive any new messages! I wanted a way to record all of them and be able to retain the sound quality. A friend thankfully had used Voicemails Forever and told me about it. It was not very expensive, so I went for it. Now I have the messages on my hard drive and saved so I don't ever have to lose them :) . I'm thankful for this service and highly recommend to others!

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