Over the past several years we’ve been inspired by heartfelt stories about how Voicemails Forever has helped preserve the precious memories of people all over the United States and Canada. Our Voicemails Forever Stories series pays tribute to some of the amazing memories that we’ve been able to help people save. The series features extraordinary real stories with real people who have saved their precious voicemail memories from the delete button using Voicemails Forever.

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Voicemail Evidence Helped Put My Stalker Away


Reno, NV

I was stalked by a man that left over 30 messages on my phone. I had to give over my phone to the police as evidence in the case against the stalker. Being traumatized, I did not want to delete the messages so as to keep the evidence just in case he was released from prison and came back. He did and I was glad I saved all the messages for over 2 years. He is back in prison and I now what to be released from his hold by erasing the messages off my phone but saving them somewhere else just in case. released me! I now have the copies, both digital and on cd, for safety, while my phone now is free from being full! Thank you so much!

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