How To Record Voicemails With Date And Time


What you'll need:

A Voicemails Forever Account
Any working phone line: Mobile or Landline

Quick Overview Of Steps:

  1. Dial the Voicemails Forever Access Number.
  2. When prompted, call into your voicemail box. In most cases that means dialing your phone number and when you hear your voicemail greeting, push #.
  3. Listen to each message in its entirety and follow the prompts to hear the mailbox options for date and time.
  4. Hang-up the phone when you have listened to all the voicemails you want to save.

In Depth Tutorial:

Voicemails Forever makes it easy to record and save voicemails from any cell phone, regardless of carrier or network. This tutorial will walk you through the steps.

Dial the Voicemails Forever Access number closest to you (USA: 201-285-5965) and when prompted enter your 8 digit Voicemails Forever PIN number. We recommend not using the same phone where your voicemails are contained.

At the Dial Tone, call into your voicemail box. In most cases, that means calling your phone number and pressing * or # when you hear your voicemail greeting. The rule of thumb is when you hear the Voicemails Forever dial tone, you the follow your carrier’s instructions to access voicemails remotely.

Listen to each voicemail message fully. Everything you listen to will be recorded. If you don’t hear the date and time, follow the carrier voicemail prompts to play the date and time after a voicemail message. Make sure to save each voicemail as you move through your voicemail box. When you have verified that Voicemails Forever has recorded the voicemails successfully then you may delete the voicemails from your carrier’s voicemail box.

When you are finished listening to the voicemails, hang up the phone. To play, download or share your saved voicemails, Login to your Voicemails Forever dashboard. Please see: How To Download A Voicemail As MP3