how to Export and Save iPhone Voicemail to Computer

What you'll need

A Voicemails Forever Account
iPhone and USB Cable (Charging Wire)
Windows PC or Laptop with iTunes 11 or higher

Quick Overview Of Steps

1. Download Voicemails Forever to your Windows Computer

2. Plug iPhone into Computer using Apple USB Cable in any available USB Port

3. Login to Voicemails Forever Software and Click Sync

4. When completed, Access Copied Voicemails 24/7 via online dashboard at

In Depth Tutorial

iPhone voicemails are easily copied and transferred from your iPhone to the Cloud and any computer. Voicemails will remain on your iPhone and even the contents of your deleted folder will be saved and copied over. This tutorial will walk you through the steps.

Download and install iPhone Voicemails Forever to your Windows based computer. Click here for the most updated version of iPhone Voicemails Forever

Save the setup file in any location on your computer of your choosing. Most browsers will automatically save files to the Downloads Folder. After the download is complete, find the Download File (VoicemailsForeverSetup.exe) and click to begin the installation. The setup wizard will guide you through the installation steps.

When the installation is complete, please restart your computer

After restarting, click the Voicemails Forever icon on your desktop and login with your PIN and Password.

At the prompt, select which media you would like to be copied along with voicemails. Options to include iMessages, Text Messages, and message media (photos, videos) are available.

To start saving your iPhone voicemails and messages, click the Orange Sync Button and give the software time to complete the copy and transfer, especially first time the software is run.

When the screen says Access Successful you have completed copying your messages. To access your messages online and download them to your computer, click Take Me To My Messages and Login via

Your iPhone voicemails will be displayed on the initial screen and contain all voicemail information such as date, time and contact.