Easiest Way to Transfer iPhone Voicemails & Text Messages to Computer
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How to Easily Copy & Save iPhone Messages

Q: What is iPhone Voicemails Forever?

A: iPhone Voicemails Forever copies and saves your cherished voicemails and uploads them to your online dashboard.

Q: What about iMessages and Text Message conversations?

A: Yes, you can transfer those too along with embedded media such as photos and video attachments.

Q: How do the voicemails and text messages appear on my computer?

A: The voicemails are available as mp3 files and iMessage and Text message conversations will appear as entire conversations along with embedded attachments like photos and videos downloadable as pdf!

Q: What versions of iPhone does this work on?

A: All versions!

Q: Do I need anything else for it to work?

A: Just a PC and your iPhone charger and you’re all set.

Q: What is the process?

A: Download Voicemails Forever onto your PC, plug in your iPhone and watch your voicemails and messages transfer to your computer in just seconds.

Q: What can I do with the voicemails once they are off my phone?

A: Anything. You can download them to your computer, share them with others or store them on our Cloud Voicemail Manager for safekeeping!

Q: How many Voicemails and messages can I save at one time?

A: As many as you have!

Q: What about all the voicemail information that I see on my iPhone?

A: We also save the date & time, length and contact name. If there is no contact name, we provide the phone number that left the voicemail.

Q: Can I use this with another family member’s iPhone?

A: Yes! Each iPhone subscription works with up to 3 iPhones. Add more lines whenever you’d like.

Q: Does this only work on iPhone?

A: If you have other phones that are not iPhones, then sign up for our Voicemails Forever unlimited package.

Q: Will my voicemails and messages be deleted after using Voicemails Forever?

A: No way! A copy of your voicemails and messages will remain on your iPhone.

Q: How to retrieve deleted voicemail on iPhone?

A: You may recover deleted iPhone voicemails that still reside in the “Deleted Messages“ folder on your device. When using iPhone Voicemails Forever make sure to select “Include Deleted Folder” in the preferences dialogue box.

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Voicemails Forever is available for the iPhone. This is the first and only of it's kind on the market!

  • voicemails forever questions Commonly Asked Questions
    Q: Which voicemails will be saved?

    A: Every single voicemail gets recorded and saved permanently!

    Q: Will you delete my voicemails?

    A: No. Voicemails forever will save every message; everything will be as you left it.

    Q: Do you work on all voicemail systems?

    A: YES! We work on any system that we can access remotely, including all cell phones, answering machines, work voicemail, and home phones.

    Q: Can you also record the date and time?

    A: Yes, the date, time and any other available information that it stored with the voicemail can be included.

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