Mother’s Day Gift: A Voicemail To Mom

Mother’s Day Gift: A Voicemail To Mom

If you could tell your mom how much you love her, what would you say?

Voicemails Forever believes that Mother’s Day should be a special day to appreciate all mothers. So we’re celebrating Mother’s Day this year by encouraging you — our great customers — to leave a voicemail addressed to the mom in your life expressing just how much you love her. We will then turn your voicemail into a beautiful audio e-Card (starring your voice message) that you can send to mom or cherish as a keepsake for your family.

Best yet — by leaving mom a voicemail, you’re automatically entered into our contest to win a free bouquet of flowers to be delivered straight to her door — or to the home of another loved one — on Mother’s Day itself!

All you have to do is call the number below and leave your name, email address and a voicemail message addressed to the mom in your life. If you win, we’ll email you this Friday so that you can order the flowers just in time for the big day.

Leave Mom a Voicemail

Before leaving the voicemail, please make sure to spell your email address carefully and please address the voicemail to your mom directly. Additionally, a few select voicemails will be chosen to be posted to our Facebook page on Mother’s Day itself. Full names and contact information will not be disclosed to ensure privacy.

So don’t let this Mother’s Day go by without showing some love. Call this number and win mom a beautiful bouquet!



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