Voicemails Forever Announces Launch of iPhone Product Just In Time For The Holidays!

Voicemails Forever Announces Launch of iPhone Product Just In Time For The Holidays!

The Only Product Of Its Kind, Voicemails Forever Is Now The Only One Available For iPhone As Well!

New York, NY-  Voicemails Forever, the only product that allows you to instantly record, transfer and save voicemails as MP3 sound files right to your computer or the cloud announced today the launch of iPhone Voicemails Forever, the easiest way to transfer and permanently save iPhone voicemails – even the deleted ones.  Additionally, before Voicemails Forever, there was no way to share Voicemails digitally.  Now iPhone users can feel secure knowing their voicemails will always be safe, and those receiving a new iPhone for the holidays won’t have to lose precious voicemail memories.


iPhone Voicemails Forever is the only commercially available product that copies iPhone voicemails and transfers them to the cloud for secure storage.  Voicemails are copied along with date, time and contact name.  Voicemails can be stored safely on Voicemails Forever’s secure cloud, downloaded to any device or shared with others.   The process takes just a few minutes and is completely plug and play.  Simply visit VoicemailsForever.com download the software to your PC, connect your iPhone to the PC and watch the Voicemails automatically transfer to your computer in just seconds.  Now you can access and  share your voicemails from anywhere

“We are so excited to be able to provide a solution for iPhone users and those looking to upgrade phones  or switch carriers this holiday season,” stated Voicemails Forever founder David Poloner.  “Now Apple enthusiasts can enjoy the same unmatched service that our other subscribers enjoy.  We have been thrilled with the response and high praise!”

The response to Voicemails Forever has been overwhelming.  In an age when communication has been stripped down to simple texts and digital posts, Voicemails Forever has proven that voicemails are as important as ever to capture the irreplaceable memories, thoughts, encouragement, and love that simply cannot be communicated or expressed through a text message.

Below are two examples of Digital Treasures from www.voicemailsforever.com that show just how important the service is, and how moving the testimonials have been:




The iPhone version of Voicemails Forever is important and unique because people can finally access and share their voicemails from anywhere – this wasn’t possible before!  Apple’s service still doesn’t allow direct access to voicemails or sharing capability, making Voicemails Forever a true necessity.  Of the other similar services currently available, none offer an immediate voicemail copy into mp3, none offer cloud storage, and none offer live customer support.


About Voicemails Forever

Voicemails Forever (www.voicemailsforever.com) is the only service that allows you to instantly record, transfer and save voicemails as MP3 sound files right to your computer or the cloud without the need for any hardware or software.  With two levels of service, Voicemails express, and Voicemails Valet, Voicemails Forever allows the user to save voicemails in just minutes, download messages as mp3 or save to CD, record voicemail messages before upgrading phones, and is compatible with all cell phones, iPhones, smart phones & landlines.  Voicemails Express is the Do-it-yourself, immediate voicemail retrieval service with plans starting at $19.99.  Voicemails Valet is full service voicemail and delivery service with two options: voicemails delivered on a CD, or voicemails emailed to you MP3 files with plans starting at 29.99.  For pricing and availability please visit www.voicemailsforever.com.


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Voicemails Forever is a simple voicemail recording and saving solution that gives customers unprecedented freedom to record, transfer, and permanently save treasured memories and valued voice messages that are locked inside phones and answering machines. Saved voicemails can be stored as MP3 files on any device or shared with family and friends through E-mail, Facebook, and Twitter.