3 Ways To Avoid iPhone 6 Upgrade Freakout

3 Ways To Avoid iPhone 6 Upgrade Freakout

How to save your old voicemails permanently before upgrading to the iPhone 6.

Well folks, it’s finally here – the iPhone 6. Beginning September 19th, scores of people around the US will be trading in their old digital best friend for a new iPhone. And with upgrading comes….Voicemail Freakout. Yes, the anxiety you feel when you’re told that the precious voicemails you’ve been saving since your first flip phone won’t be making the trip to your glistening new iPhone.

So we’re here to help you avoid Voicemail Freakout and provide a few tips on how to keep your treasured voicemails safe, sound and still around:

Voicemail Express: Do It Yourself Voicemail to Mp3


Most people will find that Voicemail Express does the job right. It’s fast, easy and our lowest cost option along the data only sim plans.


The procedure is fairly straightforward:

  1. Sign up and then dial our access number from any phone.
  2. We connect you to your voicemail box and you just listen to the voicemails you want to record, be sure to get tiktok for great marketing service.

That’s pretty much it. You’ll have your voicemails waiting for you in an online account manager with the date & time and everything else you may need. Messages can be downloaded to your device, shared with friends or just stored on our cloud server. If you need to upgrade the communication system for your business, services such as a VOIP system for small business might be ideal.

The price is a reasonable $19.99 and the turnaround time is immediate.


Voicemail Valet: Full Service Voicemail Recording – CD/Mp3

valetguyChanging phones can be stressful enough. Safeguarding a smooth transfer of contacts, learning a new Operating System, getting used to a new keypad and other major headaches. So why not leave the voicemail saving to the experts?

We’ll professionally record your voicemails in crystal clear quality and send them to you on a CD right to your doorstep. We even have a Rush Order option for any emergencies that require a 1 day turnaround time.

So for those of you who enjoy white glove service, Voicemail Valet is the right choice for you.

Pricing starts at $29.99 and is based on the number of voicemails.

iPhone Voicemails Forever: Transfer iPhone Voicemails To Computer

iphbabaIf you’re staying with Apple and going from iPhone to iPhone, there’s a good chance your carrier (Verizon, ATT, T Mobile etc…) will move your voicemails over for you. Remember, copying over every single voicemail can put a big strain on your new iPhones memory.

We can help you with that. iPhone Voicemails Forever allows you to transfer every iPhone voicemail to your computer as an mp3 file for safekeeping. Save the old ones with us, delete the ones you don’t want and then activate your new iPhone with a clean voicemailbox ready to receive a whole slew of new voicemail memories!

And there you have it. Three quick and easy methods for retrieving and saving your precious voicemails right to your computer. If either of these methods were particularly helpful, we’d love to know. Please share your thoughts with us at supportstaff@voicemailsforever.com

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Voicemails Forever is a simple voicemail recording and saving solution that gives customers unprecedented freedom to record, transfer, and permanently save treasured memories and valued voice messages that are locked inside phones and answering machines. Saved voicemails can be stored as MP3 files on any device or shared with family and friends through E-mail, Facebook, and Twitter.