How To Save Your Voicemails … Individually

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I know what you’ve all been thinking for a long time: Voicemails Forever did a fine job recording my entire voicemail mailbox but what I really need is a way to save each voicemail individually to share them with family and friends.

Well, you’re in luck:  Introducing our very own voicemail session editor!  Located right in your Account Manager, the voicemail session editor is a SIMPLE and QUICK way to create individual voicemail files and either save them or forward them to anyone you want!

Try it now – Just login to your account and click “edit recording” on any of your voicemail session records. Don’t worry about messing up because you’ll always have a copy of the original voicemail session.

Our voicemail session editor will now allow you to share individual voicemails to friends and family.  We even added a Facebook and twitter button that allows you to share a voicemail right on your social media pages so you can go ahead and get all those likes.

Let us know what you think!

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