The Good Wife, featuring an award winning performance from…VOICEMAIL?!

The Good Wife Voicemail Episode

Spoiler Alert! This post contains spoilers for the show The Good Wife on CBS.


he hit show The Good Wife on CBS features an amazing cast of characters, not least of which is the titular “good wife” Alicia Florrick played by Julianna Margulies. But on the latest episode titled “The Last Call,” an unlikely but very powerful new talent took to the stage — Voicemail.

Yes, you heard that right. It wasn’t a surprise cameo by Gwyneth Paltrow or a high powered sports car that stole the spotlight but that oh-so-classic bit of technology we call the “voicemail” which garnered all of the attention. In case you missed it, two episodes ago the character Will Gardner (played by Josh Charles) was shot dead in the courtroom by a mentally disturbed client. This was a shocking and bold move for the series since Gardner had been a lead character since the show’s debut in 2009.

But as if that wasn’t heartbreaking enough, the latest episode dedicated an entire show to a voicemail that he had left for Alicia shortly before he was murdered. In the voicemail, Will sounds somewhat out of sorts and gets cut off before he can spill what it was he called about, ending the message by saying “I’ll call you back.” Of course, he never does get to call her back and Alicia — and the audience — is left wondering what he called about.

The Good Wife  voicemail

Though the message was brief, only a few seconds long, we at Voicemails Forever know thateven a few seconds of someone’s voice can be invaluable and irreplaceable after that loved one is gone. In the latest episode of our own web series, Digital Treasures, customer Michael from Washington, DC explains why he wanted to save the voicemail from his mother after she had passed from cancer.

Indeed, voicemails are sometimes the only artifacts we have of a loved one’s voice after they’re gone. Combine that with the inherent nature of voicemails as being directed at YOU, the listener, and you have a very powerful medium for saving memories.

Put it another way — would the episode have been as dramatic had Alicia discovered an unread email? I doubt it. It’s something about hearing the voice of someone dear saying your name that makes voicemails so powerful.

Now, I don’t profess to know what ultimately happens to that voicemail — maybe it will be addressed in later episodes or maybe not — but here’s what I’d like to see:

After listening to the voicemail thoroughly, Alicia wonders how she can save that voicemail and keep it with her forever. She does a quick Google search and finds Voicemails Forever — a pretty sweet company that specializes in *drum roll* SAVING VOICEMAILS! She reads the incredible customer reviews and maybe even talks with first-rate customer service and then decides to sign up. Five minutes later and Will Gardner’s voicemail is saved both in the cloud, and on her computer.

Happy ending, right?

Though we at Voicemails Forever haven’t been asked to make a cameo just yet, we do appreciate how the show has managed to communicate the power that voicemails can have and we’d love to see more shows follow suit.

Ben Goldman
Written by Ben Goldman

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