Digital Treasures, Episode 1: “Roses, Lillies and Carnations”


hat’s in a voice?

Your voice is more than just the words you speak — it’s a collection of years and experiences. Your voice is the culmination of everyone who ever loved you and it contains the marks of every heartbreak you have ever suffered. When you’re young, your voice expresses joy and boundless energy. When you grow old, it commands respect and admiration.

Your voice reflects your health, happiness, and humanity. It’s safe to say that your voice is a reflection of your soul.

Your voice reflects your health, happiness, and humanity. It is safe to say that your voice is a reflection of your soul.

When you take a moment to think about what’s in a voice, how crazy does it then seem to permanently erase the voices of the people we love? How different is it from burning photo albums or throwing away a wedding dress? It’s destroying a memory; and this is exactly what we do on a daily basis when we erase voicemails.

But now people are finally starting to save these voicemails rather than condemning them to the delete button. And already there have been many incredible stories to emerge from those voicemails.



o today we’re paying tribute to some of the amazing memories that we’ve been able to help people save by launching a new online series. The series features extraordinary real voicemails and interviews with real people who have saved their precious memories from the delete button using Voicemails Forever.

This first episode features the story of Michael from Washington, DC, whose mother was battling with cancer for years. Knowing that she didn’t have much time left to live, Michael thought to save as much of her as he could — and for him, that meant saving her voicemail.

Watch the video above and spread the word about Voicemails Forever so that you can help others rescue their very own digital treasures.

Do you have a voicemail that you want to be featured in an episode of Digital Treasures? Email to submit your story!


Ben Goldman
Written by Ben Goldman

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