A TV Star, His Father’s Last Voicemail… And the Audience is Brought To Tears

A TV Star, His Father’s Last Voicemail… And the Audience is Brought To Tears

Over time, we’ve highlighted some very creative and interesting ways our customers have incorporated recorded voicemails into their lives. Some have created iPod playlists, ring tones and even used voicemails in Mother’s Day greeting cards.

In this season’s audition portion of the hit TV Show “So you think you can dance”, Caleb Brauner was back and brought everyone to tears with an extremely emotional audition dancing to the song “Details in the Fabric” woven together with the voice of his father. The audio was captured from the last voicemail his father left him before passing away this past year.

If you’re not a fan or just don’t remember, Caleb’s father not only accompanied him on last season’s appearance on SYTYCD, but became an instant hit when called on stage to perform the worm alongside Caleb, completely bringing down the house!

Caleb’s story should remind us about the preciousness of the spoken word and inspire us to think of new, creative ways to memorialize the precious recorded voice of our loved ones.


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